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A workshop that will help you understand branding.

  • Do you know your brand well?

  • Is branding confusing or overwhelming?

  • Are you kickstarting a new venture?

  • Does your brand need a swift kick forward?

Astronauts & Poets introduces a branding workshop that promises to encourage, equip and educate you with everything you need to know about your brand and how it relates to your business. 

Led by partner and creative director Greg Morgan of Astronauts & Poets, Brand Kick is a 3 hour hands-on workshop dedicated to helping you understand and deploy your brand effectively. This workshop will give you solid insight and knowledge to make smart business decisions. 

We will help you answer these questions:

  • Is your desired message clear? 
  • What’s your market position? Do you own it?
  • What is your company's reputation? 
  • Are you reaching your customer? 
  • How different do you need to be? 
  • Is your staff behind your vision? 
  • Where do you start?
  • How do you compete? 
  • How much do you invest in branding?
  • Are there disconnects between your product, message and image?
    + more

We will cover these topics:

  • Naming
  • Identity (your logo, visual language, voice)
  • Positioning (what you are known for in your market)
  • Value propositions (your customer's benefit)
  • Ownability in the market (how unique your brand is)
  • Brand equity (leveraging your history and investment)
  • Brand strategy (your blueprint to deploying your brand)
  • Brand promise (what customers know they can expect every time)
  • Brand touch points (all of your brand applications)
  • Storytelling (how your brand unfolds and tells your point of view)
  • Q&A
  • Discussing your challenges

Who should attend:

> BUSINESS OWNERS who are investing in their brand but have confusion/doubts
MARKETING DIRECTORS in charge of deploying brands
STARTUPS who are new to building a brand

Cost is: $125 / What's included:
Coffee, drinks and snacks
Curated brand reading list (the best brand books out there)
Brand planning cheat sheet 


Northwest Worklofts (home of Boat Street Cafe)
107 West Denny Way, Suite 303, Seattle, WA 98119
Suite 303 is accessed outside and is labeled COMMONS

From Boat Street Cafe, head North on sidewalk, at corner of building
go downstairs, Suite 303, Commons room on your left.

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