Does Your Brand
Have the 5 Core Essentials?

Take stock with your branding and see if yours is answering the fundamental building blocks that all great brands must possess. Before you move onto the fit and finish of your offering, ensure you are answering the basics:


Know what you're not

Too often, companies try to be all things to all people. Narrow in on what makes you tick and what you are best at. You will be better at what you do; it will make you happier, and your customers will notice in a heartbeat.

 Action > Make a list of what you do and don’t want to do

Cross off the list ones:

  • that competitors already do or do better
  • that don’t support your purpose
  • that you don’t do well



Find purpose and meaning

Enough can't be said about finding your compass in why you're doing and what you're offering. Having a strong purpose will steer you honestly and make every decision in business not only easier, but more joyful. You can't deliver on what's not authentically you or your team's.

 Action > Be the real you but stretch you.

  • Have a conversation with yourself rather than others and discover your soul.
  • List everything that gets you out of bed and puts spring in your step.
  • Examine if you can truly deliver because the world quickly sees through posers.



 Don't just be different, be really different

The world is full of “me too” products/services that are just cluttering the market place and adding noise to our already busy lives. Why not offer up a dose of originality and see how much easier life is when you don't have to spend all of your time explaining how you are different.

 Action > Turn your world upside down.

  • What can you do or solve that others aren't?  
  • Forget the status quo and the Jones, they're broke, uninspired and unhappy. 
  • Evaluate what's too comfortable, if something is, it's probably not very different.



Celebrate every possible detail and triumph—humbly

The days of keeping things close to your chest and hush hush are gone. Today's world is connected, transparent and empowering. And thank goodness. A life of sharing and awareness makes everything better for everyone. Tell all what you are doing and why!

 Action > Find every possible way to tell your story.

  • Think of and share every detail, they really do matter.
  • Don't be loud, be clear.
  • Let others know what they really need to hear.



 Never be satisfied and embrace change 

In order for things to elevate, to refine, to grow, we must constantly evolve. The pulse of your brand has to be in a constant rhythm of observation, evaluation and enhancement. The world will let you know soon enough so make sure you are ready to deliver.

Action > Listen hard to every aspect of your brand.

  • Try lots of things and don't over think them.
  • Make it easy for customers to give you insight and feedback.
  • Reward those who serve you.



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