Reflect. Refresh. Flourish.


It’s 2019, a year before a new decade begins. Are you ready for an amazing year? A year where your brand truly shines with promising growth, finds a new audience, creates more revenue and stands strong in its vision.

ASK: What we can do with our brand this year that will be relevant, courageous and memorable? 
We all strive for greatness with our brands right out of the gate. That pure energy of showcasing the unique qualities that make our brand stand out and provide the reason why people need it in their lives. Somewhere along the way the energy, the voice, or the reason slowly fades and the momentum halts. Brands are not a single event or project that is wrapped up and done—rather they are organic and ever changing. Revisit your brand strategy regularly and make sure you are aligning to your original vision. As each new shift and opportunities comes along, evaluate how your strategy is keeping in step with these changes and look to see if your identity, message and offering are still relevant. Question whether your brand matters anymore as it may be time to evolve.

ENGAGE: Get employees or perhaps customers involved to rally the growth.
A great story, a great brand is easy to share. And the more people rooting and working for the same outcomes the more likely you are to extend your reach and attain your goal. Determine who your team is for each desired goal. Is it purpose, efficiency, sales, or simply spreading the passion? Set tasks and deadlines so everyone can work towards achieving results. Making the tasks small by breaking them out will provide smaller victories verses overwhelming your team with more work. It will keep morale positive and the productivity high to keep growing.

START NOW: A small step at a time makes 2020 a reality.
There is no better time to start then now. A year from now you will be happy you made these insights, had some incubation time and reflected on where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to be. When things get busy, we hit the ground running and forget to stop and look around to see where we are and who's doing what. It’s crucial for your brand’s strategy and identity to make sure you are taking notice, taking steps to ensure its relevancy.
A new decade is less than twelve months away. Make this year count so you can be confident of where you stand this time next year.

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