Emotive connections

The storefront or retail setting only set an expectation for people as they approach your retail experience. Once a visitor crosses the threshold into the space, the environment needs to meet or exceed those expectations by immersing them in an experience. It doesn't have to be a realistic experience, or a practical experience, but it needs to evoke an emotional connection to your brand. Creating an impactful experience starts with an honest assessment of your company and your brand. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What does your brand (or company) stand for? What is the brand message?
  • Describe your customer. Who are they? Who do they want to be? What are the barriers between these two states that your brand or company helps remove?
  • Are there required elements that need to be worked in for your brand? Does your brand have established logos or service marks that need to be represented?
  • What is the environment that best suits your brand message? Ultra modern? Traditional? Rustic?
  • What action would you like every visitor to take? Share on social networks? Make a purchase? Join a mailing list? This ties into the purpose that we established when planning the pop-up.

The answers to these questions can help you identify exactly how you want people to feel when they enter your space, and exactly what you want them to do once they are there.