Details Matter

You often hear the adage, “the details make the difference,” or “mind the details,” but how often do we truly see businesses and brands bringing real nuances to life into an unforgettable experience? According to magazines like Fast Company, Wired and Inc., not as often as we should.

Yes, a solid business plan or offering is essential for success as is an intelligent strategy on how to turn ideas into action.But then what? The last 20 years have seen companies and leaders stressing don't get it perfect, just get it to market. Then you can tweak it. 

In the rush, however, we may be losing the sweet and serious ingredients that make great brands and businesses not only be seen and heard, but understood. Brands that execute exceptional details matter to their audience. They are felt. They are experienced. And they are ultimately shared with others.

Why do details matter? For starters, they are the first thing your audience will remember and share with others. These details set you apart from your competitors as well as other repetitive and mundane occurrences in your audience's lives. The details connect with your audience assuring them they belong to the tribe and that you are speaking to them. You then become relevant. The details make their day better, make their business easier. The details delight.

When looking for a company that has exemplified both sides of the coin, speed to market and the details, a famous computer company from California might ring a bell. Apple soared at getting fresh ideas to market knowing that they would have to adjust but also designing in thoughtful and elegant details including product, ergonomics, packaging, narrative, user interface and marketing. The two principles were never exclusive of one another. The result is history but the impact of their product, service and brand is undeniable.

So as you sprint to the finish line, how will you balance time vs. designing in the thoughtful details? Which details will make it and which ones won't? Which ones can be added later? Which ones will serve your audience well and delight? What ever the answer, don't just forget them.

You may only have one shot to get it right, so make it count.