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Is your Brand’s face a turn off?

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a business and the person behind the counter doesn’t look up. What seems like minutes go by and you have to make a sound or say “excuse me” to get their reluctant eyes to meet yours for a blank stare and awkward pause. How does this make you feel? Like you’re unwanted or imposing? It’s faces like these that turn customers away to other businesses with open arms. 

Your brand is reflected through every element that comes in contact with your audience—they experience everything. Unless you want your brand to communicate being rude or dismissive make sure the faces that are representing your brand are doing it justice. These faces are your brand’s reputation. It starts at the door, it starts at hello, it starts with a smile. 

If you don’t have a brick and mortar store or physical presence your face is online. That first experience with your customer is just as important. At its base the experience should be friendly, professional, and communicative. So think through the customer experience online in much the same way you would in person.

If you choose to advertise on your site make sure it doesn’t take over your brand’s message. For instance, don’t welcome your customers with an advertisement for another brand. This not only discredits your brand but also confuses and frustrates your customer.

First impressions are everything. They’re like a first date. If you showed up disheveled and drunk your date would probably end the night early. If you chose to have someone else show up for you, your date might leave before you get there or they might have dinner with that other person instead. A brand is no different. If you want your customers to pick you; be kind, honest and engaging. 

In other words put on your best face.